High quality 3D textures & 3D objects for your clients

We have the expertise to make your products available for 3D drawing software used by your clients. Today, designers and builders love to see the product/project realisticly before they buy.
As a Supplier, you need to provide a 3D Files of your products to sell your product already in the design stage. These 3D files can be used in your clients’ projects.
The chance to sell your projects will increase!

Roadmap to Digitalisation

Every supplier will be a customized process with the level of personal approach you choose.

3D Textures of Suppliers

Digitalise suppliers of materials to advertise online and assist their clients

Standard 3D Textures

During the concept stage, not every material is already chosen. We also provide high quality standard 3D textures

3D objects of Suppliers

Digitalise suppliers of products to advertise online and assist their clients. Let designers design with your products!

Standard 3D objects

To visualize your project, you need lots of different decorations. We have prepared standard 3D components you can use in your design

EASY, FAST & HIGH QUALITY for your client

Find all our 3D textures & 3D components in our 3D Warehouse collection. In the nearest future we also provide super efficient 3D drawing tools (BIM for Sketchup), we keep you posted!