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Rockit3D develops cutting-edge technology that does the rendering work for you. We want to give you tools to make your presentations go over the moon and help you design faster.

Easy, online and multiplatform. No rendering experience required!

Integrated design in SketchUp. No additional software or hardware required.

Getting started is easy, all you need is to follow these steps:

Open the Rockit3D catalogue alongside your SketchUp drawing
Browse for the material or object you want
Press the 'Copy' button to get the name on your clipboard
Paste in SketchUp's Component Browser and press Enter
Immediately get the material or object in your model

Submit your model for rendering online

When your model is complete, just browse to our website and submit your model.

Use Rockit3D's FREE materials and components in 3D warehouse to create your model. These are all render-ready for Rockit3D's system.
Create scenes for the perspectives you want
Upload your model
Rockit3D renders preview images
Configure your options
Rockit3D renders final images
Colorgrade your results on the Rockit3D website
Download the results

Drag to colorgrade the image. Maximize every pixel, all within the Rockit3D website.


Save with flexible subscriptions to suit every budget

Get 2 free credits for your first Rockit3D visualisations

Finally a catalogue that can be enjoyed.

Curated catalogue

Rockit3D’s catalogue is strictly curated to ensure quality, lightness and compatability.

Cooperation with suppliers

We work together with manufacturers to get their products supported in a proper way. We create specialized materials just for them.

No maintenance or updating required

The online catalogue is updated often. You will automatically get the newest version when getting any kind of material or object.

Continuously growing

We are constantly adding new content to the catalogue. We are always open to suggestions if you’d like something added.

“They visualise it as if it's real. Customers can get a feeling of what it will be like ahead of time. They immediately anticipate where to put their furniture and think about actually being in it. They rest easy, knowing what to expect.”

We care for every detail to communicate your creative vision.

We’ve created our own material and lighting system to aid you as a designer. Everything is geared to be able to visually communicate your artistic vision. Alongside our realististic renderings we also provide options to create concept renders, which are really fast to draw and yield great initial results when getting a new project off the ground.

Submit your model online

Submit your SketchUp model in our website. Continue work on your projects while we handle rendering in the meantime.

From hobby to studio

We support everyone.

Windows PC and Apple Mac OS X supported

If your device can run SketchUp then we support it! You can use Rockit3D inside SketchUp on Windows PC and Apple Mac OS. No restrictions.

Need help?

Suggestions are welcome

Seasonal rendering

You will be able to render spring, summer, autumn and winter themes all from the same SketchUp model. No additional editing required. Feature in development.

360° Lighting

Choose from various skies and pick from 12 sun angles in each scene to get the perfect look. You can render a scene with multiple different skies.

Physically based rendering

Real lighting simulation with physically based materials. Materials behave correctly in all lighting and weather conditions. Rockit3D specializes in 3D material creation so you don’t have to. Simply use our ready-to-go catalogue and apply it straight away!

Drag to change day into night (coming soon)

Day-time rendering
Night-time rendering

Need help?

Reach out to us if you have questions