We are going sky high. Want to board this ship?

We are software developers with an obsession for creating highly realistic visualisations at high speed. We handle the technology, you focus on creating mind blowing designs.

By architects for architects

Rockit3D is a product by FVDB Group, one of Europe’s leading specialists in visualising construction plans.

We have a background in architecture/software architecture and create 3D visualisations for architects and project developers. The production process involves a lot of challenges, which we solve by developing custom software solutions. Now is the time to open up our tools to the world and allow everyone to create 3D — with ease. We came up with Rockit3D as a complete solution for architects and project developers. With Rockit3D you don’t need to think about all the technical aspects of rendering anymore. With the right shadow positions, materials, lighting and environmental aspects, we make sure your visualisations are as realistic as they can get. Fully automatic.

Ready for Launch

We are on a mission to give more creative freedom to architects worldwide. By offering you the ultimate online visualisation tool with which you can create graphics that are highly-realistic, easy to create and produced super-fast. This way you can spend more time on creating the most mind-blowing pieces.

The bigger we get the more people we can help. Therefore we want to grow big and we want to grow fast. First stop: Europe!

We are always looking for international suppliers to add to our database. Are you a supplier of construction goods and interested in joining the power of Rockit3D?