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“We've started to model all our projects through Rockit3D so we can design them on our own terms, and get renders fast. Our clients love to get visuals during the entire design process, from start to finish.”
Physically based rendering

Real lighting simulation with physically based materials. Materials behave correctly in all lighting and weather conditions. Rockit3D specializes in 3D material creation so you don’t have to. Simply use our ready-to-go catalogue and apply it straight away!

360° Lighting

Choose from various skies and pick from 12 sun angles in each scene to get the perfect look. You can render a scene with multiple different skies.

Automatic lights in night-time renders

Lights placed using the Rockit3D catalogue will automatically turn on when you render with a night-time sky. Feature in development.

Panorama walkthrough

We can render amazing panoramas from your scenes. We even export the webcode along so you can display them online in your website! Feature in development.

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Rockit3D carefully curates everything in the catalogue and maintains a minimum high standard of quality. We cooperate with popular brands to bring you the best.

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If your device can run SketchUp then we support it! You can use Rockit3D inside SketchUp on Windows PC and Apple Mac OS. No restrictions.

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Getting started is easy, all you need is to follow these steps:

Open the Rockit3D catalogue alongside your SketchUp drawing
Browse for the material or object you want
Press the 'Copy' button to get the name on your clipboard
Paste in SketchUp's Component Browser and press Enter
Immediately get the material or object in your model

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