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Toon Poets, Immo Top Project Development

“ During the realisation of the design we didn’t know which material to use for the façade. In the Rockit3D catalogue the whole building team could choose materials and the architect adapted quickly by putting them in the SketchUp model. It then rendered automatically. ”

Detlef Andries, Contour Architects

“ We’ve started to model all our projects through Rockit3D so we can design them on our own terms, and get renders fast. Our clients love to get visuals during the entire design process, from start to finish. ”

Miguel Aniano Vitasa, Architect

“ I wasn’t completely familiar with the concept of online rendering when I first came across Rockit3D. The whole rendering process was so intuitive that it didn’t take long to familiarize myself with the site’s functions. I was producing images in a span of just minutes — a process that would usually take longer with my workstation. I would recommend this site to people working with short timeframes, especially those who don’t have access to the necessary processing power to produce fast quality renderings. ”

Juan Carlos Gonzalez del Castillo, Atypical Architecture

“ As an architect I don’t create buildings, I create dreams. To see those dreams take form in such a simple way is magnificent, so I cannot thank Rockit3D enough for creating such a great rendering software. It’s really simple to use and get familiar with, obtaining amazing results. Congratulations. ”

Niall Bell, XG Equipment

“ I really like your software. It’s very useful and user friendly for me as I have no experience of 3D rendering and it makes the process very simple. I had some free time today and spent a while playing with the settings and hope to render a load more models in the next few days. ”

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Femke van den Boorn

Femke van den Boorn

CEO & Co-Founder

Guus Thissen

Guus Thissen

CTO & Co-Founder

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